Sunday, November 23, 2014


A hyperlink is simply a clickable link that takes you to more information, exactly like the word 'hyperlink' in this sentence.  When words are used as hyperlinks they are often called hypertext.  Hyperlinking words or phrases in your blog post is a great way to provide your readers with more information, to share your sources, and to provide you and your writing with the credibility you need.

In Google Blogger, hyperlinking the text in your blog is fairly simple and straightforward.  Let’s get started!  Looking at your draft blog post in edit mode, decide which word or words you want to turn into a link.  It may be a person’s or organizations name, a historical event, or even possibly a quote.  You can also use text to form a link to your facebook page, website, or another post on your own blog.

Next, in another tab, find the website or previous blog post that you want the link to connect to.  Once you are on that page, at the top, right under the tabs for all the websites you have open, you will see a long narrow white space that has text in it.  Typically that text begins with ‘http://www.  That space is called the address bar, and the text is called a URL.  Using your mouse, highlight the entire URL in the address bar, right click it, and select and click on the word ‘copy’ from the popup menu.

Now click back to the tab where your draft blog post is.  Using your mouse, highlight the text you want to hyperlink to the copied URL.  Once it is highlighted, look up at the blog tools, which are right above your blog text box and right below where your blog subject line goes.  Click on ‘Link,’ paste your copied URL into the space where it says ‘Web Address,’ which is right below where it says, ‘To what URL should this link go?   Next click the box that says ‘Open this link in a new window,’ then click ‘OK,’ and you’re done! 

Hyperlinks are easy and fun!


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